Safer @ University Ridge

Prior to reserving your tee time, please read the below as it pertains to our compliance with Dane County’s "Forward Dane" and additional safety measures to keep golfers safe and healthy:

Tee times can be reserved online and a credit card must be provided to hold a reservation. Please double check accuracy of reservations.

Beginning on Tuesday, May 26th, the quantity of golfers reserved and the on–line price quoted will be charged at the golf course on the day of play. If the golfer reserving the tee time has any questions about the on–line rate that is quoted, please call the golf shop at (608) 845–7700.

Cancellations must be made at least 24–hours prior to the tee time and there will be no fees/charges for these cancellations. Cancellations or reduction(s) within 24–hours, but outside of 2–hours of reservation will be charged for and a rain check for the value of the reductions will be provided. Player reductions and cancellations within 2–hours of the reservation(s) will be charged and no rain check/refund offered.

Tee times are spaced out at 12–minutes apart and all players (unless living in the same household) must practice social distancing. Maximum of four players per group and singles, twosomes, and threesomes should be expected to be paired up and continue to follow social distancing guidelines. Guests who are not golfing will not be permitted to walk or ride along with golfers or walk the cart paths of University Ridge. Each golfer must have their own golf bag and clubs.

Water coolers, ball washers, and bunker rakes have been removed. Please use your foot to even out bunker surfaces upon completion of any sand shots.

An amended cup liner has been added so that golfers can pick their golf ball out of hole without touching anything else. Flagstick must remain in the hole at all times.

Water coolers have been removed from the course. Please feel free to bring on your own water and stay hydrated throughout the round! Any other food and beverage, including any alcohol products, are strictly prohibited from being brought onto the property. Check out About Us/W Grill for food and beverage options!

The reservation system that you are about to use can not determine what Ridge Club level you have signed up for. Please only reserve the amount of players dictated in your benefits (i.e. Platinum member can reserve a foursome at Ridge Club rate). Any additional guests can be reserved using the public booking engine provided there is space available. Click here to go to the public booking page. Please note: you must agree to these safety measures again in the new window that will open to continue to the public booking site.

In order to continue to the Tee Time Booking site, please acknowledge and agree to the terms and conditions above by clicking on the check box next to the agreement statement below and then click on the button corresponding to the Tee Time booking you would like to make. Please note, the health and safety measures listed above are subject to change without notice as situations evolve.

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